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What I Offer  

There are lots of ways to learn!

When people think about learning music, particularly piano music, private piano lessons are what comes to mind.  And, certainly, they are by far the ideal way to learn with any depth, skill and artistry.  To learn to play well requires a real commitment of time, an investment of money, and a highly motivated student who is willing to practice regularly.
And the rewards are so worth it.

But this kind of commitment is not for everyone.  Perhaps you want just a taste.  Or just to learn the basics.  Or an easy, light, social, and playful approach to begin with.
I have a created a number of programs to suit different needs around learning to play the piano.

Check out the various ways to learn to play the piano.  I offer a wide variety of possibilities to appeal to a wide variety of interests.  Whether you are looking for an easy introduction or learning in-depth, there are many possibilities.

(And if you have another idea that you don't see here- let me know!  We just might be able to create something for your specific needs!)

Playshops for Adults

Playshops for Children

Partner Lessons

Private Lessons