~~ Stimulate your brain cells ~ Play with your creativity ~ Nourish your soul ~~

Private Lessons

Nurturing confidence, artistry and joy at the piano


Delight. Discipline. Wonder. Joy. Confidence. Coordination. Perseverance. Self-expression. Sharing.  Strategies for learning. Soul nourishment for life.

As a painfully-shy child, I learned at an early age how to express myself at the piano, give voice to my feelings, and cultivate a sense of confidence that I didn't have otherwise.

I am so grateful to have the skills, artistry and joy to make and appreciate music.  And I derive great joy in helping others grow in their own skills, artistry, and confidence.


If you are considering piano lessons for your child, let's meet!  I will share my teaching philosophies, answer your questions, and spend a little time with your child at the piano.

It is also possible for your child to have a full lesson so that he/she and I can become better acquainted as teacher and student.

Contact me! I look forward to opening the doors to a lifetime of pleasure, satisfaction, confidence, self-expression and joy for your child.